15 PROFESSIONAL Carders’ Greeting Card Guidelines

Given that your CCs are of excellent quality, we will explore the Top 10 Professional Carding Tips in this post today to help you succeed more often in 2022.

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So without further ado, let’s get started. Keep in mind that these suggestions are not presented in any particular order based on importance.

Keep in mind these tips are in no particular order as far as their importance is concerned, so without further ado let’s start.


  • Always clear all your cache & cookies.


  • Regardless of what everyone out there is telling you must listen to us, this is 2021 and VPN should ONLY be used for protecting your identity, therefore, it’s NOT good for carding, most VPN IP’s have been blacklisted as it is, and those who haven’t yet, they simply do not have their IP’s as trusted for the order to go through.

#3. SOCKS5

  • You must always use Socks5 that are clean, check your Socks5 IP score on Whoer.net and see if there is any IP leakage on your carding setup.


  • Make sure that the ZIP of your IP must be close to the CC holder’s ZIP.


  • Always match the timezone of CC and Fonts so for example if the CC is from CA, then your computer should reflect the Californian timezone, and your OS must be in English.


  • You must have read this 1000 times before, that you must always type the details of CC, but let us tell you this, it’s NOT always the case but it depends on who you are carding, aliexpress.com and eBay are known to have a script that checks copy & paste behavior in CC box, a CC holder never has their CC details typed on their computer to Copy/Paste as doing so would be a security risk, so high-security sites that are a hotbed for carders can always look out for copy/paste behavior and once they identify such behavior it always triggers additional verification steps which are not ideal for a carder.


  • Get the maximum information on CC owners from the background check sites there you can found DOB, MMN, and sometimes SSN. Most of these sites are easily cardable with a CC.


If you want to be a pro carder then stop using free email sites like yahoo, Gmail, AOL, etc. They work fine as a beginner but think about it every carder on the planet knows that they must create an email matching the CC owner to the point that it has become a way to catch these carders dead in their track. A better solution is to first card a domain and hosting and make a small site and then create an email of cc owner thereof the same name on CC. you can also use free domain or subdomain sites but carding your host & domain is way better and more trustable than the usual emails.


  • Before you go for the kill make sure that the tools you have will actually work at the time you need them to. That will mean you checking the CC before using your target site do NOT use conventional checkers as sometimes they kill your CC in the process. Try creating an account on Google by adding your CC to Google Play to see if it allows you and if it does then it’s live.


  • Don’t smoke Pot, and don’t be under the influence of drugs or alcohol when carding as you will need your brains to pull through that. Always study the site carefully which you want to card and its seller. Most of the time sellers who sell refurnished Mobiles etc are in hurry to ship the item.


    • When you try and card something of a higher value using a new account it comes across as suspicious. So you can make new a new account and leave them for some time before buying something of a greater value. There is also another way and that is to buy old accounts from us,

    #12. SKYPE

    • Always Use a Skype account with credit and call forwarding services. When you will call the shop with the number of the CC owners and ask customer care of the site for some help before filling out the CC details your chances of success are much higher. You should always use it if you want to card high-value items.

    #13. LOCAL DROP

    • Always Use a trusted local drop of the same country when carding an international site because shipping to another country always looks suspicious.


    • Always Send an Email to the seller BEFORE you place your order to say that you need it urgently as there is some function in your house so this way seller is ALREADY aware of the fact and it’s not suspicious as sending an email right away after placing your order.


    • Don’t use the same CC on the same site multiple times in one go, if you just carded something for $250 on Amazon that went through carding something again using the same CC before the first item is shipped out can be risky and can result in your first order being placed on hold for additional verification.

    That’s it for today, we have given you amazing value tips for your carding in 2022.Make sure that you follow our tips so you will have a much higher success rate.

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