Okay, welcome to the second installment of our comprehensive, step-by-step guide on how to cash out from a UK bank account directly into your bank account. Similar to Part 1, we’ll make Part 2 of this guide so simple to follow that even your grandmother could do it if she made it that far.

We’re going to say it again so that those of you who are total beginners and don’t know the fundamentals of working online can use the hundreds of tutorials and thousands of tools we have available on cashoutgod.ru to start making money.

Sidenote: This “Complete step-by-step tutorial on how to cashout UK bank transfer straight into your Bank drop” is 2 part series, this article contains Part 2 o STRAIGHT TO YOUR f that series and if you haven’t read the Part 1 you can read it by clicking here BEFORE reading this Part 2 so that it will make sense to you (and your granny).

Now we assume that you are done reading over the Part 1 of the tutorials, let continue with this Part2 (final part).
Ok, in our previous tutorial, we have already filled the info for the “From” and “To” section; with the amount section you are allowed to write any amount between £1.00 and £50,000 per day.
So we wrote down the amount we wanted to send, as we mentioned, limit per day is £50k (now obviously EU bank per day limits vary).
Reference is optional so you can write anything there, choose One-off payment and then click on Review Payment.
Everything becomes easy once you know how to do it, so this bank transfer has being sent successful. Once the money is sent, this will appear on the page.
Same bank transfer is instant, since this transfer was done to another bank, the money will reflect in exactly 2 to a maximum 24 hours but usually within 2 – 3 hours time, the same day for sure.
So the moral of this UK bank logs cashout story is that it is simple as we said about as long as you know what to do and how to do it, you basically go to Pay & Transfer tab, click on add new payee and then add the account info of your drop that is to receive the transfer.
Then you write the amount you want to send and the money will reflect in your bank drop the same day with no chargebacks or reversals.
Always use a different bank accounts for example if you are transferring from Barclays onto Halifax thats ok even if the account holder gets onto their back because the bank accounts are different they cannot reverse the transactions once the money is taken out, this obviously will not be the case if you transferred money from Barclays bank log onto Barclays Bank drop as the bank is the same and they can freeze the bank drop upon receiving a complaint from the account holder. so keep this in mind.

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