A Guide To Non-AVS Non VBV


AVS is an address verification system and many sites use this to verify that this card is not used by scammers.

But some cards don’t have AVS protection and sites cannot determine the address to which the card is registered.


This is one of the most asked questions.

Because By the site cannot verify the address, you can specify any address that you like.

This is good because a billing address that is different from the delivery address may generate errors during the transaction.

for this, the billing address must always match the shipping address.

This is often shortened to bill-ship.


Verified by visa (VBV) is a 2-factor protection system that visa uses to prevent fraud. The first security system is CVV2 code.

It is listed on the back of the card and consists of 3 numbers. And if your card without AVS doesn’t mean that in it will not be VBV

Pros and Cons of non avs

As I said before, the main advantage of non avs cards is the ability to make a billing address – drop address

(just never give your address where you live). But sites can ask for additional verification.

The disadvantages of these cards are that they are usually from South America. And because of this, it will be difficult for you to find a card with a good balance.

Try to stick to purchases with a maximum price of $ 1000 so as not to kill your cards.

Also note that some stores refuse to accept no AVS cards because they cannot get the address of the card.

Other FAQ’s

Where should I set my socks to?

This is another question that I often get asked.

If you still don’t know that such a SOCKS, I suggest you first read my blog and then come back here.

And if you already know what SOCKS is, then we continue.

For AVS cards, your SOCKS should be configured as close as possible to your drop. This address will be the billing address.

What are some non AVS BINS?

This information is not freely available, as well as information about non VBV BINS.

But some people share on the forums, search for yourself. I hope that I could answer most of your questions.

Good luck!

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