We’re giving you a 2022 how-to manual for opening a US bank account and obtaining a credit card that can be used to withdraw money today.

If they don’t want to wait a few days or are hesitant to try this, they can always get their tools directly from us.

Many people may advise you to use your own bank account, but since hustlers like you are our actual asset, we at our company are all about protecting and preserving your anonymity.

You should never make this transfer using the information from your actual bank account, so you’ll need a drop bank account. This post will show you how to obtain bank information both inside and outside the US.

Assumedly, you


Go to any Drop Service and get a virtual US address, this will serve as your own resident address in the US though you are not physically in the US.

Any item or goods sent to this address will be forwarded back to your real address in your country of residence, you’ll need this address to enable you to get the ATM card attached to the bank account.


You will need to get US Fullz Information from us such as SSN number and DOB and go to and open an account using the SSN details you got from us.

After your is verified, the ATM card attached to the bank details they gave you will be mailed to your residential address (drop address) in the US, this means you have to use the address you that u get from the shipping forwarder service.

Once your card arrives at ur drop u just need to get that re-shipped to the real address in your country. You now have a bank account with your debit card ready to go



You can use this account to cashout with any PayPal account or Moneygram or WU pay transfer and a whole lot more, sky is the limit.

For those of you who want to make money by cashingout any Credit Card what u need to do is the following:


This is one of the best ways to cashout credit cards and nowhere on the surface net or the darknet will give you this information for free, but we are all about schooling and training hustlers like you so you guys can buy the tools from us.

That merchant account will enable you to charge money from the cards you buy from us and then transfer that money to your bank account (the drop bank account).

SIDENOTE: Those of you who are serious about setting up a merchant account can contact us, we will provide absolutely everything that you will need to set up a merchant account and will go through the entire process with you for a flat fee of $499.

Those of you who decide not to take our service of setting up everything for you (that’s ok, we are always booked) but since you don’t have a web store and you and not selling anything, you will then have to go through funding-raising websites, using their merchant account instead.

Now login to create an account with or any fundraising site of your choice and set up a campaign with them, for those of you who don’t know how to set up the campaign, you can copy any campaign of your choice and change it a bit to make it more personalized.

Once you did the above your campaign will be set up and ready to receive funds.


Now that you are ready to make it happen. This step will show you how to generate the money using any NON-VBV card of your choice, after buying your cards from us at, take note of the credit card country, city and address.

It’s now time to connect your VPN from your own protection and premium SOCKS5 to match the location of the cardholder.

Let’s assume you bought a US card and the city is Santa Monica in California, all you need to do is connect your VPN to California, US, then connect your Socks5 to Santa Monica, California.

Once you are connected, it would appear to the credit card company that it’s the real owner of the card that is making the transactions.

Now go to your campaign page and click on DONATE, it would bring you to a secure payment page, enter the card details and submit. The card will be charged and the money will go straight to your account on

bank account

It’s important to remember that you must NOT donate more than $250 on any card, lets assume you buy ten credit cards from us and charge each card $250 X 10, you should be making $2500 (minus the fees) every single day and that’s not bad to start off with.


On your campaign account, you will see all the money you have charged from the credit card is showing a balance on the account,

now it’s time to navigate to where you see WITHDRAW, click on it. It will then redirect you to the page where you will set up an account for withdrawal.

You will use the bank account details you got from to withdraw funds, once it’s set up, go back to and click withdraw, your $2500 will now be transferred into your bank account.

Transferring funds for the first time may take 2 -3 days so do that on a Monday or Tuesday and you will have the money in your bank account before the weekend.

After you have received the money in the bank account, you can now login to and transfer the money online to any other bank account or you can withdraw the money using your debit card (we suggest you do that) or you can send the money via MoneyGram.

If doing MoneyGram, you can send the MoneyGram to yourself or anybody, and afterward, then simply go to the shop and pick it up.

If you want us to help you with a full merchant setup + website for $499 you can contact us, the complete setup will take around 7 – 8 days, we will complete the documents and have your site ready within 3 days but the payment processor takes a few days to complete a merchant application. If you are also buying the drop bank account from us we will be able to give you 25% discount on the total price

  • $200 for a bank drop +
  • $499 for Merchant setup services & eCommerce Website.

TOTAL = $699 -25% = $524.

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