Hack Instagram Account –  9 Best Apps that works

The best apps to hack an Instagram account will be discussed in this article.

Instagram, one of the most popular social media platforms today, has amassed more than a billion members from all over the world. You could wish to hack into and/or spy on an Instagram account for a variety of reasons. In this article, we have also covered them.

How to Hack an Instagram Account Using xMobi

xMobi Instagram Hacker - Hack Instagram Account

xMobi is considered one of the top tools that you can use to hack an Instagram account. Yes, there are several others that can help you do the same. But xMobi is considered to be among the best on the market.

xMobi has unquestionably changed the espionage software landscape. The app is designed to be a specialized phone hacking tool.

For whatever purpose you choose to hack a target device, xMobi has everything you need. You will receive a wide range of advantages from the software that you can utilize, and it has been designed for legal use.

For instance, to assist you in keeping tabs on the target smartphone, xMobi provides SMS and call tracking options. These calls and/or messages can be blocked, or you can just read or listen to them.

In case you feel that the target person is spending too much time on their devices, you can also lock them out of their devices. xMobi also allows you to track social media activities on the target device. While social media sure is fun, it can also be dangerous.

With the help of xMobi, you will be able to monitor all social media websites like Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, etc. Additionally, you can use xMobi to monitor several devices in a single go. You do not even have to purchase multiple subscriptions.

xMobi also allows you complete access to the web browser of the target device. This way you will be able to see all the websites visited frequently by the target device.

You can also check the number of times the user has visited any particular website.   If you want, you can stop access to certain websites. For instance, you can block adult-content websites on your child’s device.

Finally, you will also get location services at xMobi. With the help of this feature, you can get the location of the target device, all thanks to the very accurate GPS.

How Does xMobi Work?

xMobi Features - Hack Instagram Account

As we already know, you will only use xMobi to spy on a target mobile device. This device can be an Android or iOS device.

Some common Android devices include LG, Xiaomi, 1Plus, Pixel, Samsung, Huawei, etc. On the other hand, some iOS devices include various types of iPhones and iPads.

The only thing you would require is access to the target device and a stable internet connection. You do not even require your personal phone for the same.

In the case of Android devices, you simply need to download the xMobi app on the target device. Once the installation process is done, you can start adjusting the settings.

The only thing you need to know is that you will require physical access to the target device. Similar to Android devices, iOS smartphones will receive information when you start with the installation process.

Now, You simply need to provide the iCloud login details of the iOS device that you want to hack or spy on. Thankfully, You do not need to physically get hold of the target device.

On average, The time required for the installation on Android should not take more than 15 minutes to complete. However, the same process can take up to 24 hours for iOS devices.

How to Hack Instagram Accounts Using xMobi

When it comes to using xMobi, there are only three basic methods that you need to know; they include:

1. Creating Account 

The first step you need to know about installing xMobi is to select the target device that you want to monitor or hack.

You will find a wide range of subscription plans that you can select based on what you need.

Now, you need to keep checking your email address. You should receive an official email from xMobi.

This email will include all the instructions needed to get done with the installation process successfully.

Ensure that you follow these steps exactly how they are.

2. Installation Process And Setup

After you have downloaded the application on your smartphone, you can start with the installation process. This process is very simple.

For Android devices, you need to have the target device with you to install the app.

For iOS devices, you do not even require the target device. You simply need to know the person’s iCloud credentials.

3. Using xMobi

Once you are done with the registration process and installed the app on the target device, you can start spying or hacking the target device.

You simply need to log into your xMobi account and start hacking the Instagram account of the target device.

Best Features of xMobi

Since the app is quite new in this market, it still has a lot to prove to its customers. Here are some known benefits of the Instagram hacking application:

1. Easy to Use

One of the best things about xMobi is that the tool is extremely easy to understand and use.

You will be able to monitor the target device, even if you do not know much about tech. The installation and use require minimum attention and effort.

2. The System Is Very Agile

As we have seen above, xMobi is one of the most agile hacking tools in the market. The way it has been designed is both functional and unique.

All you need to do is download the xMobi spying software on the target device. You will not have to deal with complicated manuals.

3. Secure And Safe System 

Another obvious thing about xMobi is that you can use this app with complete confidentiality. The app has enhanced encryption technologies and high-quality data protection tech.

This way, the target device will have no way of knowing that you are tracking their mobile device.

Here are some pros and cons of xMobi:


  • You can easily track the Instagram account of any target device
  • The installation process is quite fast and easy
  • The target user will never know you have installed xMobi on their smartphone


  • The only feature that xMobi does not seem to have is the option to control the screen time
  • The price of the application can be quite high

Other Instagram Hacking Apps 

Apart from xMobi, there are many other applications that you can use to hack an Instagram account are:

1. uMobix

uMobix Instagram Spy App -Hack Instagram Account

uMobix is another great tool that you can use to hack Instagram accounts. It is quite a comprehensive spy app today.

The app is quite a powerful spy app that you can use on both Android and iOS devices. You can track phone calls, social media apps, GPS locations, etc.

Let us look more into the Instagram spying aspect of uMobix.

With the help of the app, you will be able to capture all screenshots of all activities on Instagram. You can track interactions, post shares, likes, comments, etc. received by the target device.

Some amazing features of uMobix include:

1. Dashboard

The dashboard is one of the first things that you will notice after the installation process. Right from the dashboard, you will be able to use all its functionalities.

In this space, you will be provided with relevant and quick information, like phone calls, messages, etc.

After you have rooted the target device, you will also see social media information and the live location.

The dashboard will also show you other app statistics like Email and Messenger.

2. Social Media Monitoring 

As mentioned previously, uMobix is a great site to spy on Instagram accounts. Apart from Instagram, you can also spy and/or hack other instant messaging and social media sites.

All you need to do is tap on the Socials tab – here, you will find all the social media applications being used by the target device.

In fact, uMobix can easily keep a track of more than 19 types of social media apps.

With this feature, you can easily check all the messages being exchanged on the target device.

Once you have rooted the phone, you will be able to sort the messages based on time and also get other details like the name of the person, chat ID, profile image, etc.

3. Call And Messages Monitoring

Apart from social media, uMobix can track phone calls and traditional SMS messages.

To access the Call History, you simply need to tap on your dashboard and navigate to the General tab.

With the help of the Call History feature, you will get all the data related to call history like incoming, outgoing, missed, and deleted calls.

You will also be shown the time and date of the call, the duration, the phone number, and the information of the caller.

The app will sync itself with the target device every five minutes, which means that you will get updated information.

Additionally, you can also track SMS and traditional text messages. The Messages tab can be seen just below the Calls tab.

You will get access to all text messages that are stored in the target device, including the latest SMSs, the contact information of the sender, the text ID, etc.

Thanks to the uMobix app, you can also choose to block the caller or the person sending the message.

Overall, uMobix is definitely a great choice if you are looking for apps to spy on any Instagram account.

2. Hoverwatch

Hoverwatch Review: Is It Really a Free Mobile Tracker?

Hoverwatch is another well-known tracking tool that can record all the Instagram activities of the target device.

Apart from tracking Instagram accounts, the tool can also be used to record various other aspects of the target device like WhatsApp, Facebook, Gmail, camera, location, SMS, calls, etc.

Hoverwatch is quite popular and has more than 12 million users from all parts of the world.

The app can also be used to track the physical location of the target device, thanks to the in-built GPS tracker.

One of the best aspects of Hoverwatch is that you do not even have to root the target device to access the handset.

You do not have to be a technical person to get done with the installation process. The app offers a wide range of pricing plans as well to its customers.

Let us look into some great features of this amazing spying application:

1. Dashboard

Similar to uMobix, you will have access to a dedicated dashboard. Here, you will see all the features and reports offered by Hoverwatch.

The device that you are hacking can be monitored on the left side of the dashboard. You can add a lot more phones to the dashboard, depending on the subscription you have selected.

You will see all the significant features on the Hoverwatch dashboard, like Settings, Calendar, Location, etc.

2. Order Of Entries

When you tap on the Reports Tab, you will find all the entries of the target device listed chronologically. This means all the information will be shown based on how recent they are.

This means that you will be provided with information based on what time the changes have taken place, like selfie unlock, current SIM card, phone screenshot, etc.

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For instance, if you have used the text monitoring feature and then the social media tracker, you will be shown these two lists on the top.

After you use another new feature, the new feature will be listed on the top.

3. Social Media Monitoring

Similar to all the apps we have and will discuss in this article, Hoverwatch can also track all social media activities on the target device.

You can easily keep a track of the person’s Instagram accounts. All you need to do is head over to the Filter option and tap on Chats.

You can easily record everything related to social media via Hoverwatch like messages, posts, comments, likes, etc.

The only drawback here is that the app does not display social media logs.

3. eyeZy

eyeZy Instagram

eyeZy is a great spying application that you can use to hack and spy on any Instagram account. While there are many tools for the same, eyeZy is considered one of the top.

In most cases, eyeZy is often used by parents for parental control for monitoring the devices of their children.

Apart from tracking social media websites, eyeZy can also help capture keystroke captures, real-time location, phone calls, SMSs, etc.

Let us look into some amazing features of eyeZy:

1. Social Spotlight 

Right off the bat, let us look into how eyeZy can help you hack/spy on the social media accounts of the target device, including hacking into the user’s Instagram account.

In fact, you can keep a track of all social media accounts of the person from a single platform, thereby allowing you to view their activities and messages, including the deleted ones.

Apart from Instagram, eyeZy can spy on various other social media profiles like Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, etc.

2. Pinpoint

As you can guess, eyeZy can be used to view the current location of the target device; this feature is called Pinpoint.

This feature will combine WiFi analysis and GPS position to help pinpoint the location of the target device. This location will always be accurate.

3. Invisible Shield 

There are some spying apps that remain visible on the target device.

This way, the person whose Instagram profile you are checking will immediately remove the program and prevent you from tracking their online activities.

Thankfully, eyeZy always runs on stealth mode. You can easily hack or spy on the target’s Instagram account without the person getting aware that they are being hacked or spied upon.

4. Web Magnifier

Finally, we have the eyeZy web magnifier feature. You can look into everything that the user does on their mobile web browser.

You can look into the sites they have visited, their search history, saved items, etc.

Additionally, you can also block certain websites on the target device.

4. mSpy

mSpy Review - The Most Dominant Monitoring App for Parents – Mageplaza

mSpy is one of the top-selling spying tools for Android and iOS devices. The best thing here is that you do not even have to root or jailbreak the target device.

You can easily hack into someone’s Instagram account with mSpy. Apart from monitoring the device, you can also block dangerous and explicit websites, monitor locations, etc.

Installing the application on the target device is very easy and quick. You can also customize it to fit your preferences and needs.

You will find a wide range of price plans available once the free trial period is over. Additionally, you can also use mSpy to hack or monitor Macs and Windows computers.

Now, let us take a closer look at some of its features:

1. Monitoring Social Media Apps

Yes, mSpy can help you monitor and track the social media activities of the target device. This means that you can hack or spy on someone’s Instagram account.

Apart from Instagram, you can use mSpy to monitor other social media apps like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, etc.

You will immediately come to know what social media apps the target users are using on their phones. You will also see all multimedia files, call logs and messages.

If you want, you can also block access to these social media apps.

2. Monitoring Websites

Another useful feature of mSpy is that you can use it for monitoring what websites are visited frequently by the target device.

Apart from page visits, you can even check the history and content of the mobile web browser and the bookmarked pages.

You can also block certain websites via mSpy without having to gain physical access to the target device.

3. Monitoring Calls

Using mSpy, you can start tracking all incoming and outgoing calls to and fro the target device.

Additionally, you will also see the name of the caller, the total number of calls, the duration of the calls, etc.

Even if the target has deleted the phone number from their device, you will still have access to the deleted entry.

Finally, you also have the option of blocking phone numbers. You can even set the time for the block.

5. Glassagram


Glassagram is a great private Instagram viewer and spying application that will provide you with the results you are looking for.

You can hack into any Instagram account and gain access to it easily. The app can also be installed very quickly.

The registration process is free and you can start using Glassgram within a few minutes.

Once installed, you will be provided with real-time and automatic updates every five minutes. Even the pricing packages are quite affordable.

Some great features of Glassgram include:

  • You will be provided with the location tracker feature to access the location of the target device as well as the photo of the location on the map.
  • You can use it to see private Instagram accounts.
  • You can see the likes on the Instagram posts of the target user. This will help you understand what users are liking the posts of the target.
  • The direct message tracker will keep a track of all messages received by the target Instagram user.
  • You can look into all the comments and reactions to Instagram stories anonymously

6. Flexispy


Flexispy is a top monitoring and tracking application that you can use to monitor and/or spy on any remote target mobile device.

This app is known to be one of the handfuls of spy tools that are fitted with a wide range of features.

The tool is very easy to understand and use and offers an extensive list of monitoring capabilities to you.

Additionally, you can always contact the supportive customer care team if you face any problems.

Here are some of its features:

  • The social media application can monitor and spy on all social media applications, like Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, etc.
  • You can remotely activate the front camera and microphone of the target device to take pictures or listen to ambient sounds.
  • You can restrict the usage time of the target device.
  • The GPS tracker will provide the real-time location of the target device.

7. KidsGuard Pro

Introducing The KidsGuard Pro Remote Installation Service

KidsGuard Pro is a dedicated phone tracker made for Android devices. Apart from Instagram, you can also track other social media apps like Facebook, Snapchat, WhatsApp, etc.

The tool is completely undetectable and also does not require rooting of the target device.

With the help of KidsGuard Pro, you can also listen to phone calls and view text messages without alerting the user.

Additionally, KidsGuard Pro can be installed within a few minutes.

Now, let us dive into some of its features:

  • The app will encrypt all user data for privacy and data protection.
  • You do not have to root your Android device.
  • The site offers 24*7 support via email and live chat

8. Spyera


Spyera is one of the most commonly-used tracking applications that can help monitor the online activities of the target device. You will be able to monitor SMSs, calls, emails, social media activities, etc. in stealth mode.

Additionally, you will also be provided with a dedicated dashboard where you can learn more about the target’s online activities.

With the help of Spyera, you can easily hack and/or spy on someone’s Instagram account without letting them know anything.

Some of its features include:

  • All the activities taking place on the target device can be monitored via a dedicated dashboard.
  • The app will sync with the cloud automatically so that you will be provided with the most updated activities on the target device.
  • Apart from Instagram, you can also monitor other social media apps like Facebook, Snapchat, etc.
  • The keylogger feature will allow you to record the keystrokes on the target device.

9. SpyBubble 

Finally, we have SpyBubble, which is a cloud-based hacking/monitoring application that works perfectly with iOS, Android, and Windows devices.

While it is primarily used to record phone calls, SMS texts, and emails, it also records the activities of the target user on social media.

The app is very easy to understand and use and keeps getting synced with the SpyBubble dashboard after every few minutes.

Now, let us look into some of its features:

  • The keystroke feature will record everything that is being typed on the target device.
  • All the social media apps and websites visited by the target user can be monitored.
  • The GPS tracking feature of the app will provide the live location of the target device.

Why Would You Want To Hack Someone’s Instagram Account?

Of course, as non-hackers, we do not have any business hacking into someone’s Instagram account.

However, there are some viable reasons why you would want to check someone’s Instagram account, some of which include:

1. Parental Control

As parents of children and teenagers, it is your job to shield them from the ugly side of the online world. There are many ways someone can take advantage of their innocent minds.

For instance, your child can become a target of online bullies. Or things could take a darker turn – they become targets of sexual and physical abuse. Therefore, parents need to ensure that there are tools available to keep a check on their online activities.

This means that you need to check what your kids are doing on Instagram or with whom they are exchanging messages. Going through their Instagram profiles will help you manage and even limit their activities on Instagram.

If you find them doing something they should not, you should have the option to immediately block their access. Even if your children do find out about the Instagram hacking tool, you should not worry. Their online safety is your first priority as a parent. Hack Instagram Account

2. Monitoring Your Employees

There are not a lot of ways you can justify spying on the Instagram accounts of your employees. One reason you may want to do so is to ensure they do not use the social media site during working hours. Another reason is to ensure that the employees are following the code of conduct based on company policies.

While most people would believe that accessing their Instagram account is a trust violation from the side of the company, there are some organizations that will access your social media accounts.

3. Reveal Cheating Spouses 

Of course, there are not a lot of things that are more hurtful than your spouse cheating on you. However, you being in the dark can be so much worse.

Now, there is a wide range of ways to check the Instagram profiles of your partners. You can do so directly. However, if they are not cheating on you, you will be seen in a bad light. In such cases, it is always better to select a tool that can help you subtly spy on the Instagram account.

Of course, some may believe that this step is quite harsh, but it is necessary. In some cases, this is a type of proof that you can produce in a court for divorce proceedings.

4. Stealing Personal Information

While you may not hack someone’s Instagram account for this reason alone, there are some people that will use Instagram-hacking tools to pry on your Instagram personal information.

If the hacker has managed to break through your Instagram account, they will be able to get access to your Instagram account with ease.

Once done, all your private and personal information and messages will be available to them.


There you have it! These are some of the best platforms you should use if you want to hack into someone’s Instagram account.

If you know of any other sites or platforms that can help you learn how to hack an Instagram account, you can let us know in the comment section below.

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