We’re going to give you some more advice on how to acquire bitcoins in 2021 using our fictitious Wells Fargo accounts today.

We regularly test these techniques and our team keeps track of Wells Fargo + Bitcoin exchanges and their wallets so that if something breaks, we can always come up with a workaround. Innovation and brainpower are essential in the carding industry, and if you don’t have them, you’ll fall behind quickly. Keep innovating to avoid becoming the next Nokia.

A few of the more well-known cryptocurrency exchanges and wallets are Coinbase, Binance, Kraken, and so forth. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of these services available worldwide.

There are hundreds if not thousands of crypto exchanges and wallets around the world, some more popular than others, to name a few popular ones are Coinbase, Binance, Kraken, and so on.

In this article, we will talk about the most popular exchange “Coinbase” since its widely available to most countries around the world, so many hard-working hustlers like you will benefit from this article.

Our goal at is to arm you with the knowledge and provide you with the tools and services to make money, as you make money we also get the benefit from your proceeds, as a result, you buy more tools and services from us it’s a great ecosystem for cashoutgod’s sustainability to stay in business.

Essentially, all exchanges enable you to achieve the same goal by allowing you to buy bitcoins using your credit/debit card or a bank account, now obviously using a credit or debit card varies depending on the country of your residence.


First, sign up for a account.

NOTE: If you can’t do that then get a Coinbase account from us at with a custom request to have your Coinbase account verified under the same name as the Wells Fargo account.

You will need access to an email account like Gmail (see how to create that link is at the bottom of this article as always) you’ll have to verify your email so keep an eye on your inbox.

Once the email arrives click on the link and that will bring you back to It will then ask you to accept their terms of service before you will be allowed to enter your details so you will sign up under the Wells Fargo account holder’s name and click submit.

You will also need a burner Phone/SIM you can get that in our shop, do NOT use the VOIP number such as Google or burner apps.


Coinbase is plenty smart they may allow you to go ahead with verification but your account will be flagged for a manual review later once you will engage in any transactional activity on that account (you’ve been warned).

Coinbase has 3 verification levels that determine how much you can withdraw per day. You start at Level 0 which just gives you access to a Bitcoin wallet.

If you want to withdraw/deposit money you’ll need to verify to Level 1. This requires you to verify a phone number and bank account as mentioned above google voice numbers may work but they will throw up a red flag to Coinbase use those with great caution.

if you can get a throwaway SIM from us or from the shop that cant be linked to you in any way then you MUST do that rather than using a google VOIP number.

You need your Coinbase account to Level 2, which will also require you to go through a KYC (know your customer) style verification by taking a photo of your drivers license + proof of address + holding the same license with your face (we are experts in that we have staged actors that we use frequently for verifications on a number of wallets by printing a hard copy of licenses with their photos depending on us and our customer’s requirements.

To verify your Wells Fargo bank account on Coinbase you will need the full account number and routing number.


You will need to be able to verify the Wells Fargo bank account by entering account details including username and password for the Wells Fargo account.


This verification is time-sensitive, meaning there is a limited time to go through that verification, or else it will fail and you will have to manually verify the Wells Fargo account which typically takes a few (2 – 3) days.

If you are able to verify the account via instant verification that’s great, however; if the instant verification method fails, you will need to allow Coinbase to make 2 small deposits into the Wells Fargo bank account.

You will need to monitor the bank account for deposits and enter these amounts on Coinbase. This takes 2-3 days.


You must avoid logging into your Wells Fargo account over and over, you can do that easily by signup for an account on using Wells Fargo credentials, there you can monitor the account and be notified via email when the deposits are made (if you read the article we mentioned above and also at the bottom of this article you will learn how to do that).


Use the exact “name, address, DOB, SSN” for Wells Fargo’s account holder on Coinbase and verify the security questions.

It will take 30 days for your first deposit to be Level 2 verified and Coinbase will class you as the real account owner since you passed their verification questions (and you are the real owner, wink, wink).

It’s worth mentioning that we recommend you keep your first deposit low (under $100) and the chances of Coinbase flagging your deposit transfer for a manual review before allowing you to add funds onto the account are slim to none as long as you haven’t missed on our specific instructions we wrote above and below that includes not using a google VOIP number).

After your first successful deposit transfer, feel free to bump up your deposit balance transfer to add funds onto your Coinbase account to $200 and keep bumping it up after every successful deposit transfer.


When buying Bitcoin, make sure you buy amounts that look like random Bitcoin purchases. Why so?

That is to make a deposit in amounts like $97.95 or $187.23 instead of $100 or $200 because those amounts will not stand out to the Wells Fargo account holder even if he/she notices the charge, there is a higher chance that they will overlook that without suspecting fraud.

Even though we are making small withdrawals initially, try to use accounts that have a minimum balance of $10,000 or over.

People with a larger bank balance are less likely to be proactive when they see random charges showing up on their account, they usually take a couple of days before they investigate and report it, this will give you enough time to receive bitcoin and transfer out of the account.

The best time to initiate transfer is Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday (before 12 PM if it’s going to be Wednesday).

After you make a purchase, the charge will show up on the bank statement within two days then Bitcoin will hit the Coinbase account two days after that.

For example, if you make the purchase Monday, the charge will show up Wednesday, and you will get your BTC on Friday.


Make sure to anticipate when you will get the bitcoin so you can transfer them to your own wallet that is not with Coinbase.

As we mention at the start of our article there are 100’s of Bitcoin wallet providers, just as long as the wallet isn’t on Coinbase (Binance and other wallets) you have nothing to worry about even if that wallet is under your own name and that’s all there’s to it.

Hustlers, let’s be clear, the business model of Wall Street is fraud. In our opinion, there is no better example than the illegal behavior at Wells Fargo.

The CEO of Wells Fargo admitted that he knew back in 2013 the bank was scamming customers, but he took no action to fire or reprimand the senior executives in charge of supervising this activity.

Instead, they were given millions of $$$ in bonuses, while the value of the stock that the CEO owned shot up in value by more than $200 million.

Wells Fargo’s abuse of its customers is not an aberration.

In April, the bank reached a $1.2 billion settlement with the Department of Justice for ‘reckless’ and ‘shoddy’ underwriting on thousands of home loans from 2001 to 2008.

In 2012, Wells Fargo was fined $175 million to settle claims of discriminatory and predatory subprime lending in black and Hispanic neighborhoods.

We the American people cannot understand how major banks paid more than $200 billion in fines and settlements since 2008, but not one Wall Street executive was prosecuted.

There simply is no equal justice.

We also must hit Wells Fargo and the other biggest banks hard which have assets of nearly $10 trillion, the equivalent of nearly 60 percent of our nation’s gross domestic product.

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