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GSM based skimmer, new technology, Power Supply from GAS pump.GAS pump Skimmer.

GSM and Power Supply from the GAS pump means, you never need come back to the GAS pump.

How the GAS Pump Skimmer Works

Now, for those who don’t want to read through the gritty details here’s the summary of how the Gas pump Skimmer works

Essentially, the perpetrator opens a pump using one of a few master keys, unplugs the credit card reader from the main pump controller, plugs the card reader into the skimmer and plugs the skimmer back into the pump controller. This reportedly takes less than 30 seconds.

A skimmer is basically a man in the middle attack. The skimmer listens for all the serial traffic from the credit card reader (clear text at 9600bps) records it to an external piece of memory (flash in this case) and then passes that same serial traffic onto the pump controller. When you use one of these modified pumps the pump controller charges your card and you’re none the wiser, but your credit card details are stored in memory.

Put it once inside the GAS pump and just receive data, everywhere you want. GAS pump skimmer for sale All data is timestamped by time, seconds, day, month, and year. Reads both – bidirectional swipes (this means the skimmer will read cards when they go in and also when they are pulled out. The button to power on and off the skimmer is at the backside. Contains a red LED to show when it reads and gives errors on the skimmer. Comes with a full manual included in the package.

Warranty information

This product is guaranteed to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for 1 year from the date of purchase. We will, without charge, repair or replace at our option, any device returned for warranty work and found to be defective by us.


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GAS PUMP Skimming Full Kit – $1200 USD. GAS pump skimmer for sale


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