Let’s get right to it!

#1. The first thing is first, you have to know someone with a “verified CashApp” (mother, father, sister, brother, or just a friend ) and their account “must-have” transactions for over “3-4 months” so CashApp won’t take the account down so fast and make the account negative, you know what we mean here! This is necessary to bypass the verification so you won’t be asked to verify the CashApp account.

#2. Second, go to and buy any card for “$25 or above” that also comes with a person’s “full information”, (name, address, etc) this is what you will be using to sign up for CashApp to send the money to the account needed in the first step.

#3. Ok once you buy the card that your gonna use, type all that same information in to sign up under a new CashApp but you get to make sure that you create the account on a different phone, iPhone, or android with a VPN downloaded so CashApp can’t link that the payments are being sent from people on the same IP address.

#4. Now that you made it this far, Once you activated the CashApp, sign up for a cash card and send it to the address where you want it to land so when it comes you can go straight to the ATM & get the cashout but REMEMBER CashApp atm “limit is $1,000 per week” so in the next step you will see how you bypass that and “get $4,000 every 24 hours” instead of $1,000 every week.

#5. Now that you got the CashApp card and it came thru the mail, here’s how to get $4,000 every day instead of $1,000 every week it’s very simple just make sure to follow the steps correctly (Money order method) walk into your local (Kroger, Ralph’s, Walmart, any store that allows you to pay for money orders using a debit card instead of cash) and go to the customer service or whichever section that does money orders.

Walk up to the counter and say “I would like to get (2) $1,000 money orders please” then the clerk will ask you to enter the debit card and you will use the CashApp card that came thru the mail (in step #4) and also to enter the pin.

After that, the clerk will print up the money orders then you go to the next store and do the same thing every single day until they lock the account then do the steps all over again.

But please remember that it’s only “$4,000 every 24 hours”. $2,000 from each store (4) $1,000 money orders in total.

#6. Take the money orders that you got from the stores and take them to a local check cashing place that does money orders in exchange for cash.

It’s that simple really when you know what to do and have the balls to do it!

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