Credit Privacy Number – What it is, Best Way to Create CPN


What is Credit Privacy Number

A nine-digit identification number resembling a Social Security number is known as a credit privacy number, or CPN. Consumers with poor credit may occasionally be offered a CPN as a means of establishing a new credit history. CPN can be used on credit application forms in place of a Social Security number. CPN, also referred to as a consumer profile number, credit profile number, or credit protection number. Some CPNs that have been sold have been dormant Social Security numbers belonging to children.

If you include your CPN on a form that asks for your Social Security number, you could unintentionally commit identity theft and face jail time. You might be requested to accomplish things like: Change your phone number, acquire a new email address, and get a driver’s license with a new address. The digits you might want to use in place of your own Social Security number will also cost money.

There’s been a lot of interest in this lately so thought I’d make a master thread on it. For the noobs, CPN = credit privacy number (aka synthetic identities). It’s a relatively lengthy cashout period, not for short attention spans. But the advantage of CPNs as opposed to using fullz to get CCs or finance things is you control the identity entirely. Higher success rates, and less risk. A lot of fraudsters are doing very well with this. I’ll give everybody who contributes to this thread in a meaningful way a “vetted” flair.

Why do CPNs exist?

CPNs exist in a legal gray area because the U.S. Privacy Act, a 1974 law, allows people to withhold their Social Security numbers when not required by federal law. Federal law does not require a Social Security number for credit applications. However, CPNs are not legitimate, nor are they recognized by the government, according to the Office of the Inspector General.

A Social Security number is one of several identifiers credit bureaus use to be sure they have the right person. Because other metrics, such as address and phone number are also used, sellers of CPNs generally encourage their clients to change those things so that data cannot be matched.

If you think about it, it doesn’t make sense that creditors who denied you credit under your name and credit record would reconsider if they were aware it was the same applicant, cloaked in “privacy” and with a new address and phone number.

How to Create a Credit Privacy Number? – how to obtain a cpn number work out the first 5 for proper state and year of birth.

Randomized numbers get a note added to report that they were made after 2011. This is probably not helpful

Validating number
Using ssn validator checks death index only.

A live child with a society still has records of it, you can’t assume that no companies check this info too.

Using digital mailboxes like requires an id and proof of citizenship. $7 and up monthly to get a mailing address. They will scan your mail to you and forward what is necessary.

Before you Tri-merge, this is some of the info you will use:

CPN Employment:
Your employment will always be Management If you do not have a
valid employer to use, your income will always be between $55,000 and $85,000 per year for trimerging.

For the length of time at employment, put 5 years, 5 months.
The same goes for the length of time at your residence.

Tri-merge Housing:
You can rent or own and your payments or rent will always be $500 per month and you will have lived there for at least 5 years and 5 months. You can slightly change the number of your housing payments if you like, but I wouldn’t go too far over $600 or go under $450.


    just fill it out, and hit submit – Does not matter what you put as long as the Credit Privacy Number information is in there!
  • After this is done – you MUST wait 72 hours (3 DAYS) to do anything –
  • Go to and fill out the “GET APPROVED” Application.
  • Go to Etrade and open up a Personal Checking account – This gives you a bank account that you can use freely to pay anything you do with your CPN.
  • and fill out the application – There is a $25.00 fee – this will report up to two years of rental history on your profile.
They will give you a $2500 they will give you a $5000 limit as a one-time fee.

By now you can set up credit karma or whatever similar site you like.

Make your profile look real. Lenders are getting wise to CPNs

1) Get a prepaid phone through either Verizon or ATT. CALL them to register it.

2) Go to and register your Credit Privacy Number Address, your Prepaid phone number, and email

3) Go to your local grocery store and sign up for their club card.

4) Sign up for these magazines: Time, National Enquirer, Esquire, and such

5) Get hunting and/or fishing license.

You get the idea of what types of things to sign up for.

Now your CPN is ready for tradelines.

Go to and apply.
After you have made your FIRST payment on your Kohls card, and/or your primary trade lines have been posted, apply for Fingerhut, Capital One, Credit One, and Discover. Space it out. Don’t do it all in one day. Every few weeks or once a month. Don’t rush it.

CPN Professional Tips

Register businesses with Credit Privacy Number. It’s possible to obtain Ein from IRS without a social. It’s not common knowledge but clearnet. This will open a whole new world.

These nuggets are free.
I have a 300+ page guide (compilation) of (secret) sauce to dip them in. Do not misconstrue this as advertising. My heart is in the right place

You need to find the SSN number for either a child or one that hasn’t been reported yet since 2014. There are SSN links and info somewhere on the forums if you search. Basically, the first thing you need to do is read up about SSN format then find your own SSN to use for children 1-8 years old via

I’m not sure of tradelines or primary yet, I’ve only been doing this 100% natty for a month now building up profiles. No fake employment history comes with it lol you need to get crafty to get around this part or find someone who can do scans for you. how to get a cpn number for free 2022

Frequently Asked Questions On CPN

how do you create/make/buy a CPN number ????? I’ve seen websites selling them and people on IG, but I don’t wanna get scammed, so I rather make my own.

also, how do you register it with credit karma?

What is a good place to buy CPN numbers and tradelines ???

AU tradelines or primary ??

How long does it take yall from when yall get fresh CPNs to cashout day on average? Someone told me he usually would cash out within 1-2 months, someone else told me 4 months.

Do CPNs also come with fake employment history ?? How do you deal with employment verification to get approved for loans?

Is it as simple as 1. get cpn 2. add AU/primary tradelines 3. Let time work for you 4. Once your credit score is way up go shopping 5. $$$$$$$$ ???

having parents who worked for the USPS all their lives, the best way for something like that to work is to submit a Forwarding Mail request to that address from an existing address. You need two forms of ID (which can be fake) to forward mail. If you do it online, you need a credit card and DL number (must be working). If no one submits a Forwarding request, then the USPS knows the house remains vacant and will either return the mail to the sender or will start examining the mail closely and/or opening it. And most/all real estate companies advertise their Sold properties on the sign for a few weeks before taking them down.


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