Can Data Security Systems Prevent Data At Rest Leakage?

Controlling data transfer channels or scrutinizing data sources can effectively protect against insider risks.

2 major methods includes

  • Preventing USB flash drives from being duplicated or sent over email is one strategy.
  • Preventing fraud or leakage where a database or file is accessed by an insider with malicious intent.

How can your data be protected the best?

The best solution to any issue is prevention, which should go without saying. Data-centric audit and protection (DCAP) and database activity monitoring (DAM) are usually enough. The goal of both is to safeguard data when it is at rest.

The following instance exemplifies the strategy we discovered in the Russian judicial system.

One of the Russian regions was approached by a Federal Migration Service representative.


A friend approached a worker at the Federal Migration Service in one of the Russian regions and asked him to conceal details of two violations in his file in the migrant database. The employee accessed the database from home knowing that it could be done remotely and blocked the relevant information. He was paid just $100 as a reward for achieving this.

It was sufficient for the management to see the employee entering the database and carrying out unlawful actions in order to stop this incidence from happening. A DAM remedy would be beneficial. You can look through additional details regarding the DAM system strategies here.

This is a client’s case from SearchInform as an illustration of how the DCAP system identified fraud:

Several computers were found to keep pricing lists, which included both selling and purchasing prices, according to SearchInform FileAuditor. It is forbidden to communicate this material unrestrainedly either inside or outside the firm because it is confidential. Customers will be better equipped to argue for and obtain the best discounts if they are aware of the purchasing prices. It is evident that the seller has lost money.

The price list appeared regular because the price column was typed in white. FileAuditor recognized that the purchase price was unquestionably present in the document despite this. The cybersecurity expert looked into the situation using the DLP system and found that staff members had transmitted these price lists to outside email addresses. The findings of a later investigation supported the existence of buyer and seller collusion.

This was textbook deception: the manager of the seller promised to give the buyer a sizable discount on any justification he could think of. The buyer’s representative consented to reimburse the seller’s manager, who negotiated the discount, for a part of the difference.

As a result, the manager and seller both benefited, while the selling business suffered a loss. If there is a violation, it may take up to a year to determine the damage, which, based on the size of the company, could be in the thousands or even millions of dollars.


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It comes out that having control over information sources allows a security expert to identify an incident at its planning stage rather than after it has already happened. A more thorough inquiry that would enable evidence to be gathered and conclusions to be made so that the incident wouldn’t repeat itself is prohibited by tight control over such matters. The information security expert has tightened DLP security guidelines in this case for documents that contain buy price information.

Which data security method works the best?

a sophisticated method. DLP can’t be used to fix every problem. Not all issues are actually reliant on source control. But when used in tandem, these strategies produce a super-effect. The DLP system collects data and enables conclusions to be drawn on how to enhance business processes and make them more transparent when the DCAP system identifies a possible violation.

What are DCAP and DAM?

The demand for data at rest security has resulted in a large number of DCAP and DAM solutions being offered on the market. This program is also simple to use and incorporates with widely used security solutions.

Using SearchInform FileAuditor, you can ascertain:

Which papers contain business-critical information, how much of it the company is storing, where is it kept, who has access to it, and who has the authority to change it.

It is possible for the IT department to take on such tasks. For instance, DCAP makes the file system less messy since each document is assigned a category (contracts, prices, personal data, research, etc.).

Shadow copying is a helpful feature that, while perhaps not the most crucial, enables trouble-free document restoration in the event of an error. However, the software is initially designed for computer security professionals.

Here’s how FileAuditor works:

  • searches for a file
  • assesses its compliance with the rules and labels it (“personal data,” “agreement,” etc.)
  • if necessary, copy a file to the repository.
  • keeps track of all actions with files and folders
  • reads permissions on files and folders
  • at subsequent checks, only newly added or changed files are scanned.

This year, SearchInform also unveiled SearchInform Database Monitor, a product for database tracking. Since databases are a company’s primary source of information, they are essential to how they run. The complete array as well as particular data access points are of interest to fraudsters. The DAM system can manage this threat, for instance, when it detects the following:

  • For what reason are the files being accessed by who?
  • How much data is asked from the database and what data is requested.
  • What record modifications are being made?

Our experience demonstrates that some businesses can handle sensitive information poorly, and some documents can be found in nonconforming locations. This is in contrast to the belief held by many businesses that they have adequate control over their file systems and are confident that their users will abide by corporate policies.

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