1. What is E-Whoring?

E-Whoring is an art. You can’t master it, but you can learn it. Every E-Whore learns, even the most experienced ones. E-Whoring is the art of pretending to be a girl to sell your body. Making your victim/customer believe that you are real, to make him buy your pics.

2. Rules of E-Whoring

There are no “rules” in e-whoring. But some “rules” are vital to improve earnings for everyone. The first rule that every slightly experienced e-whore will never do, is scamming. Don’t scam, just don’t. You wouldn’t like to get your money stolen in a store either. Provide what they paid for, so everyone is happy. Rule number 2; Never, I repeat, NEVER, send a nude preview. There are alot of people out there that search for ewhores like you to just get a freebie(free nude). Make your customers want you, don’t give out what your trying to sell. And rule number 3; Milk all your customers as much as possible. Get every last dime out of them, without scamming ofcrouse. And when your done, start over with a new account and message that same guy, and milk him again! Go for it!


3. E-whoring types

There are several methods where you can apply e-whoring. The most used one is kik. Kik is a messenger on iOS and android. Strangers can request to talk to you whenever they want, so that’s where we strike. A new upcoming type is snapchat, it’s a bit more complex compared to kik, but i’m sure it’ll give you a good paycheck! And one of the most “old” methods is camming. Going into a chatroom with a vcw, pretending to be the girl behind the webcam. It’s hard to find a good pack fitting the profile, but if it does, oh man. $$ Let’s go in more depth for each method.


3.1 Kik method

The kik method, the method everyone is using right now. Using this method is traffic the most important. You create a profile on kik, nice profile picture of your ewhore, put your names on some sites, and wait for the flood of desperate guys wanting your pics. You’re going to encounter alot of timewasters, don’t put your time in it, block and remove. Look for the big fishes. The “sugar daddies”. If you find one of these, you’re set. They will give you money whenever you want it, or they want it. Aslong as you provide. They most likely will ask for a preview before buying, don’t send a nude as stated above. Send a pic that shows alot of skin, no boobs, no vaggy. Cover them up, send one in a sexy bikini or covering everything with your arm, and make them want you.


3.2 Snapchat method

The snapchat method. it’s becoming more popular these time due to kik having more security against fakecam. And it’s easier to “prove” that you’re real. Because everyone thinks, if it’s a snap, it has to be live right? Well, take advantage of that. Use it to gain buyers, sugar daddies. Personally, I didn’t ewhore alot on snapchat, but it gave me some cash indeed. The only thing you need is a good pack, with alot of normal pics, pics from google, and good traffic. Post daily snaps on your story, makes you more “real”. And then start selling, easy peasy.


3.3 Camwhore method

The camhore method, i’ve never done this, so not an expert. But i’ve read alot about it, wich makes sense. This method is a bit more delicate. You need a good vcw with a good pack, and always be alert. A vcw is a program that can control certain videos to smoothly bridge over eachother. For example, your girl is just sitting there, looking around, you can make her wave(If you have the required videos of it ofcourse).


4. Setting up your workspace

You have 2 choices when setting up everything for ewhoring. You can ewhore on your PC/laptop, or on your phone. I personally ewhore on the phone, it’s easier for me. I only use my pc to send live pics to my ewhore account to forward it. Now, if you wanna ewhore on PC, you’ll need an emulator. Best choices are bluestacks or MEmu. I personally use bluestacks, easier to setup. Once you have that, it’s time to install the required apps, such as kik, fakecamera and/or snapchat. If you wanna ewhore on your phone it’s kinda the same, kinda. If you are using iOS, you’ll need to send the fake live pics to your ewhore account via your pc. Also, if you wanna ewhore on snapchat, you’ll need to download the tutu app, wich will then be used to download snapchat++. Android is the same as pc, you’ll need kik, fakecamera and/or snapchat/phantom. Once you have all of that, it’s time for the next step.


5. Getting started

So, you’re done installing everything needed to start ewhoring? Are you ready to go now? Absolutely not. You’ll need a pack, identity and some social engineering skills(SE). Let’s start from the beginning.


5.1 Identity

To start ewhoring, you’ll need an identity, that means;
[*]A name
[*]Where you are from
[*]How old you are
[*]Why do you need the money?
[*]Why not working?
[*]Studying? College?

These are the most vital things you’ll need to know. ALWAYS use the same info, as some people tend to check you with a second account. Get it fixed in your brain before starting out.


5.2 Picture pack

A picture pack is very important. Using saturated packs is good to start learning your SE skills. Learning how it works and how to identify timewasters. When you’re through all of that, it’s time for the real thing. A premium pack, you can buy one here on the forums or make one yourself, but that’s a bit harder if you don’t know where to start. i’ve bought a pack from Oedipus, he has great packs, check them out. Ofcourse there are alot of other sellers on here, wich all sell amazing packs. The thing that you’ll be looking for in a pack is verifications. Alot. Various pics, starting from holding up fingers, to paper verifications.


5.3 Social Engineering (SE’ing)

This is an art. The art of manipulating people in your favor. Getting out of every tight sittuation. Coming up with straight up answers on things, imagination. This can’t be tought, this must be learned.

Being continued below.

6. Traffic Traffic

is the only thing that will get the buyers to you. You have 2 types of traffic, saturated and unsaturated traffic. Saturated traffic can be found everywhere, they will get you buyers, because there will always be new people joining them who don’t have a clue how things work on kik or those apps/sites. The unsaturated traffic won’t be easily found. Nobody on HF will give our there source of HQ traffic. You’ll need to find it for yourself. It’s most of the time a goldmine, but you’ll probably need a custom pack for it, but it’s worth it. A quick search on the appstore or internet will give you thousands of sites and apps to post on.


7. Payment methods

These are used to get paid. To earn the money. Paypal and amazon are the most popular payment methods. But watch out for paypal, when they’re in the mood, they’ll take everythig you have from you. I suggest you buy a verified paypal to send all the money to after earning it on another paypal. I’m not encouraging this, since it’s against paypals TOS. Amazon is a different story. You get paid with giftcards, wich can be used by you on amazon, or sold on here for paypal or bitcoin. I still prefer bitcoin over paypal. Altough paypal is easy for buying things online, they will fugg you. Choose wisely how you will take the money.


8. Getting shit done

8.1 How to talk to your victims
First rule in this, don’t overreact. Don’t be like “Im horny baby xxxxxxx <3<3<3<3”. You see that for yourself, you wouldn’t believe that either. I’ve never seen a girl talk like this. Girls are shy, friendly. They won’t act like this. Have a normal conversation. You could take over a “talkstyle” of a girl you know, learn how they talk. Just, don’t overreact.


8.2 Closing the deal

So, you’ve conviced your victim to buy your pictures, you proceed to the payment. You ask him, “How would you like to pay? I accept paypal and amazon”, for example. He choses the payment method, he pays. Don’t send anything before you’ve checked your balance. Never. They’re trying out new things every day by pretending they have paid, by showing you a screenshot of a fake email from paypal or amazon. Don’t believe it untill you see it for yourself. Then proceed to asking how he would like to get the pics. I most of the time send them a link to a dropboxlink or just sending the pics to his email. Easy peasy! Don’t scam!


8.3 After the deal

So, both are happy. You got your money to spend, he has pics to jerk off too. Perfectly. Don’t just block him, what alot of people do. Write his name in an excel file, the amount he paid, where he came from (wich app or site) and his username. Tell him after the deal; “Hmu when you want more”, and he will if he likes the pics. You can delete the chat and you can still check your excel file if the guy that’s texting you has bought or not.

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