Those of you who are not recognized with this site
I will leak out a working tutorial on how to card rings & necklaces to your client address in your name.
Steps to follow
Step 1: First Get The Address Of Your Client (E.g. 411 Lake St , 75505 , Texas )
Step 2: Then get a same zip CC or state CC from shops or legit vendors.
Step 3: Connect your Socks5 to RDP
Step 4: Then clear cookies & history with Jet or CCleaner.
Step 5: Simply create account with in same name of CC Holder, and go to the site
Step 6: Then add products to cart. Make first order below $100 and in the “Billing Address” use drop address i.e (Shipping Address) (Bill=ship) & Put CC owner name in billing & shipping address.
Step 7: Then simply place order.
Thank You = Ship


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