There are two ways to buy SSH tunnel:

1 st purchase subscription on a resource like,

2 nd buy from a seller.  The second method is clear so let’s talk about the first.

Constantly you have to hear the words of newbies that: “there’s one dirt here” “you don’t really find a clean one” and so on … and so on … At the same time, a huge number of people work perfectly finding what they need. So, with hard work we will find everything that is needed for our tasks!!!
And so, initially acquiring a subscription, we turn our attention to several absolutely necessary add-ons that will simplify the work and reduce your costs:
Login and go to [17: 22: 01]. And here, besides the subscription itself, for example 50 No Login / day for $ 15/31 days, we need FRESH IP addon for $ 25/31 days and DNSBL addon $ 5 / year.
FRESH IP makes SSH available from more recent bases.
DNSBL addon checks SSH or proxy on the basis of 100 black lists.
Initially, the black list base is very small – only 6 black lists, we don’t have enough to work with it, so using this addon you save yourself from acquiring dirty SSH.  Do not be lazy !!
When choosing tunnels, take only clean ones, although the bulkhead is a very dreary and tedious task, but it greatly influences the result in the future. Over time, you will notice that there are black list bases that shine on almost all SSH. For example,,, you can ignore them.
I advise you to select immediately a pack of “conditionally clean tunnels” and then we go to the check of the selected ProxyScore / ProxStop. There are many services that allow you to check the tunnel, I personally use
Why this one? Prices are the same everywhere, but here for the same price you get more information. In addition to Maxmind Proxy Score, Proxy Score is also issued from another supplier – ProxStop. Geolocation of IP address for three services. Well, for the very lazy – checker tunnels on the valid (free). We check what we have selected, at the exit we have some of the cleanest at first glance tunnels, we continue our “artificial selection”.
It will not be superfluous to try to connect them all by checking the performance, speed and reruns. Beginners often overlook “reruns” what it is:
Reruns is a situation where you connect to one IP and get another at the output. For example – we connected 126. 99. 01.100 and received 126. 99. 01. 200 at the output, while we checked the first one and it was wonderful, and the second would be completely unfit.
If such a situation arises, you can opt out of such an SSH tunnel, although you can also check it for bleachers ( and continue to look at the proxyscore with the checker. So after connecting the tunnel, always open and check the IP.
I also recommend watching there is a proxy checker, and you can see if the 80th port is open on your SSH. I advise you to write this info to you when analytics is useful (we’ll talk about it later).
And so we have this picture:
Found 50 “conditionally clean” SSH tunnels at — checked on the proxy scanner, 25 left, checked operation and reruns, 10 left. Don’t worry about this normal result.
Another important nuance:

There are two programs for connecting SSH tunnels Plink and Bitvise, the first one is much more stable, reconnects faster, it never fails to log.

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