How to Hack ATMs Without Malware

How to Hack ATMs Without Malware

An ATM consists of a computer and a safe enclosed in a cabinet. The computer often runs Windows and has regular keyboard, mouse and network inputs. Open up the cabinet with a drill, a lock pick or a key — one key will often open all units of a given model — and you get physical access to the computer.

The safe contains the cash, and the cash dispenser is directly attached to the safe, which you’d need heavy equipment or explosives to crack open. But Positive Technologies found that the computer, its network connections or the interface connecting the computer to the safe could almost always give you cash or a customer’s ATM-card information.

Before it can give a user cash, the ATM computer must talk to a server at a far-off transaction processing center, using either a wired Ethernet connection or a cellular modem. Some of the connections are dedicated direct links, while others go out over the internet. But not all of them are encrypted.

“Tested ATMs frequently featured poor firewall protection and insufficient protection for data transmitted between the ATM and processing center,” the report noted.

We will discus the ways to hack ATMs without Malware

How does this Work?

A credit-card-sized Raspberry Pi CPU has been successfully built as a “hardware sniffer” and a destructive controller, which can be linked to the inside of an ATM for ATM Hacking and can access the ATM hack pin code. For example, the system may intercept PIN codes and send instructions straight to various components within the ATM enclosure, ordering them to distribute cash or open the safes where the currency is held

Hackers learn how to use ATM hacking tools and ATM hacking software from ATM hacking tutorials or ATM hacking Reddit. Authorities have warned ATM owners to beef up the physical protections on their cash machines in light of the rising frequency with which malware is used to acquire access to the codes needed to hack them.

For instance, the LINK Scheme, which is the UK’s interbank network of ATM operators, regularly updates physical security recommendations for ATM operators and offers a variety of remedies that may assist prevent malware or proof-of-concept Raspberry Pi attacks. The majority of ATM-hacking devices come preloaded with software designed to provide guidance to the user in matters pertaining to blank ATM cards and ATM hacking cards. Locks provided by manufacturers should be changed, and surveillance cameras should be installed in ATMs.

ATM Parts Under Direct Control

The specialists’ evidence of idea assault depends, to a limited extent, on a bunch of standard programming interfaces, or APIs, that are incorporated into most ATMs that have PCs and parts, including text shows, card perusers, PIN cushions, and the distributor units. These APIs are known as XFS – which means “expansions for monetary administrations” – and are utilized by numerous producers’ segments to speak with one another.

By utilizing these APIs, in any case, an assailant could sidestep the ATM’s own host PC, and discuss straightforwardly with the various peripherals introduced inside the ATM nook, Osipov discloses to Information Security Media Group, talking depending on the prerequisite that his manager not be recognized. Similarly, any weaknesses present in the ATM’s working framework may likewise be misused.

Raspberry Pi: Easy to Disguise

The researchers chose the Raspberry Pi computer for the testing of the ATM hacking technique, Ospirov says, because “we wanted something small that we could add to an ATM and it would work within it, and [to] give … financial IT security guys the knowledge that some device could be inserted into ATMs in such a way that it won’t be noticed by the service engineers who exchange cassettes.”

Both an ATM machine they had purchased from a lesser ATM manufacturer and machines for which they had been hired – by ATM operators – to do penetration testing were used by the Russian researchers in their tests. The researchers declined to name the ATMs they examined or the vendors concerned, despite the fact that they claim to have directly notified such vulnerabilities to ATM manufacturers. However, they highlighted that despite the susceptible hardware still being utilised in the field, one vendor responded that it had no plans to release a corresponding fix because it was no longer manufacturing the affected item of hardware.

Physical Security Concerns

An intruder must first obtain physical access to the ATM enclosure and then plug their device into an Ethernet, USB, or RS-232 port before installing a computer inside. Hackers first used to think are blank ATM cards real and after realizing that they are real they started learning how to hack ATMs with blank cards. However, as recent malware attacks in Eastern and Western Europe have shown, criminals are becoming more adept at not only identifying unattended ATMs, but also obtaining the keys needed to gain access to ATM enclosures, plugging in a USB drive that installs malware on the targeted device, and quickly dispensing as much money as possible.

A blank ATM card Hackers provide blank ATM cards for sale and have codes for hacking ATMs. On the other hand, attackers would need to set up a computer, conceal it, and then depart as soon as possible if they intended to steal all of the card numbers and PIN passwords used at the machine. To test the situation, the researchers timed how long it took them to mount their computer inside the device and then lock it. We are aware that a security response team will be dispatched to the ATM to conduct an investigation when an alarm signals that the ATM is malfunctioning or has been opened in the processor in a short while. Hack ATMs without malware

The researchers assert that it took them just two minutes to unlock the ATM enclosure, install their device, link it to the internet, and then lock it again. The ATM’s camera stream can be used to record you, but it can also be operated, like other equipment inside the machine. The experts claim that in order to combat the potential new ATM hacking risk, vendors must begin conducting entry tests of their products and ATM operators must enhance the real security of their machines.

They also recommend that the ATM industry collaborate on a different, transparent detail so that the components of an ATM can safely communicate with one another and validate one another. Utilizing such a framework, any directions got from an unapproved PC that was associated with an inside ATM port could be overlooked. Hack ATMs Without Malware


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