Many men have been in touch with us only to keep asking, “Is Western Union still cardable using phished accounts?”

Our content team has chosen to assist you guys by providing some clarification on the matter after receiving numerous contacts.

Today, we’ll cover everything you need to know about the 2022 Western Union carding and transfer from phished account approach.

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Although WU keeps tightening security, our team still finds ways to breach

JUST A QUICK HEADS UP: We also offer a Western Union Transfer service on our shop but if should you fail to pull this method below you can always avail of our experienced services, while we have been perfecting Western Union for some time now, we have witnessed WU has gone through some serious dramatic security changes in the last few years.


Before you do anything, the first thing you need to realize is that this is 2022 so the method that used to work before are long gone and this is one of the main reasons we do not sell any guides or video tutorials because they get outdated very quickly.

All and all carding is now very dynamic in 2022, so things that worked yesterday may not work today and those that work today may retire tomorrow, you may have already noticed that all our carding masterclasses where we teach our students skills that they are interested in learning on our LIVE RDP (remote desktop protocol) via anydesk (click will open a new window) so you can watch us in real-time and learn from our skills.

So to card WU successfully, you must have the following tools to start with.

1. Phished WU Account with logs (sorry we don’t sell phished WU accounts)

2. HighEnd CC matching the updated WU Carding Bin (our shop)

3. Socks5 such as (click will open a new window)


Using the IP location of the phished account using its logs, login to your Western Union account and change the phone number on the account to yours.

There should be a card already linked to the account, You can also add your own CC (with the correct BIN on the account, use it to process the transfer.

A western union representative will call you over the phone to verify that you’re the actual owner who is initiating the transfer. Use the Voice Changer app when talking to their representative.

They will ask you some questions to which you will need to provide answers. Since you have run a background check on the Western Union account and linked CC so you will know the answers.


  • Intelius (click will open a new window)
  • US Search (click will open a new window)
  • BeenVerified (click will open a new window)
  • PeopleFinders (click will open a new window)
  • Instant Checkmate (click will open a new window)You will be able to provide answers to all their questions. After that, they will approve your transaction. You will be able to see your MTCN on the screen and on your email.

    Understandably it looks like a long winder long process but once you get used to it all it takes is less than 20 minutes that includes all the research, receiving Western Union a call, and getting the transaction approved and processed.

    NOTE: Do not use the same details to make another transaction unless the MTCN transfer is picked up first, we had instances where the rep got suspicious on a second transfer and ended up canceling our first transfer by reversing money back to the CC.

    Whether you are skeptical about going through the process or you have tried and got busted whatever the reason may be, you can always let the pros do it for you by getting our WU services here, take a look at our Western Union Transfer service.

4. Voice Changer

5. Mac Address Changer

6. Bleachbit 

7. Sim Card for verification and receiving calls from WU payments security team (Voip will not work, WU can tell the difference between VOIP vs Real SIM card numbers, it’s 2022, just saying…) – sim cards from our shop.

8. Knowledge of browser-fingerprinting / fraudfox is a plus

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