Verified account with $6968 balance



Verified account with $6968 balance and email access + pin

Verified account

What Is a Scrip?

A scrip is is a substitute or alternative to legal tender. Holding a scrip entitles the bearer to receive something in return. Scrips come in many different forms, primarily as a form of credit, with the document acknowledging the debt. Scrips also represent a temporary document representing fractional shares resulting from a split or spin-off, or they may indicate currency issued by a private corporation such as frequent flier miles.

Purchase retail gift cards through your scrip program at face value choosing from over 700 brands including Amazon, walmart, best buy among others, to choose from including groceries, gas, and many retail stores. This is a great way to shop around the holidays! Your gift card order will be shipped to the school or electronic options can be delivered directly to your email.

This is a 100% verified Working account with a high balance of $6968, including email access and pin with a BUY 2 GET ONE FREE OFFER

We will not be held accountable if you don’t know how to use these accounts


You will get :

★Full login details (e-mail and password)

★Full address (zipcode + city) sometimes address also available

★Full cashout guide + our own setup (so you know how we log in to these accounts)

★Full name of the owner

★User agent + cookies



Please wait for 5 mins for the delivery, once you have placed an order if you will have any questions please Contact Us after placing your order.



We guarantee the account to be live and working as long as you have a basic familiarity and common sense.

Those who don’t can purchase our carding mentorship if you want to learn professional carding involving how to bypass cutting-edge advanced anti-fraud tools.

However, if there is a problem with the account please provide us with the proof and explain to us what happened and we will be happy to replace the account with another one.



1. Don’t buy this account if you don’t know how to use it! Get our professional Mentorship from us so you can learn before you earn.

2. Account warranty void after 3 days of successful delivery.

3. You will however still be covered under our replacement guarantee if something goes wrong from our side and it’s not your fault.

Happy Cashout & Good luck!


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