Shopify Cashout latest Method

Today I am exposing a legal method for carding known as the Shopify cashout method.

The Shopify carding and cashout method is a dropshipping method that you can use either your credit card or CC to cashout legally.

It is quite different from other carding methods like Amazon carding, Nike carding, Apple store carding, etc., because it makes you the middleman instead of the direct consumer.

Shopify makes it easy to card and cashout, especially when you generate reasonable traffic or visitors to access your Shopify store and order your items. The only time you need CC on Shopify is when you order items or run social media ads. Otherwise, you can use a personal credit card, although you will not earn as high as the wholesaler.

There are many platforms for creating e-commerce sites such as WordPress, Wix, etc., but Shopify is a simplified solution for creating your online store for cashout.

In this article, I will teach you the requirements and steps to become a dropshipper on Shopify and cashout with or without CC (personal credit card).

Shopify started in 2006, and it remains an excellent CMS for creating an online store for carding. The beauty is that you can even share your Shopify store for other carders to use for carding while you charge commission.

Let’s assume that you charge 10% for every carded sale. If 10 carders ship from your store at $100 each, you make $100.

To start selling on Shopify, you must select between the free and paid plans. I recommend using the paid plans because it allows you to tweak your Shopify store as you want with the available tools.

The paid plans come at different prices, including $29 and $79. Since this Shopify cashout method is legit, it is okay to pay for the premium plan. After all, you will regain the money even before your account is suspended.

The only reason why I recommend getting a premium plan is that it makes you Shopify’s favorite.

Most of the time, they can overlook your illegal activities, but you have to stay on the low to cashout thousands of dollars.

Note that as you continue to increase your sales, Shopify will ban your account eventually. My Shopify account is still very active, and I am selling it using a personal credit card without issues.

Learn How Dropshipping Works

Before you read this Shopify cashout tutorial further, do you know what dropshipping means? You should learn about the dropshipping business to cashout successfully.

It took me about 7 days to understand the concept of dropshipping and start cashing out on Shopify.

How dropshipping works is that you are the middleman that receives items from the wholesaler and forward them to the buyer. The only time you make payments are when you order for the items that your buyers order, and you can use either CC or your credit card to place the order.

When the buyer receives the item, you earn from it. If you use CC, it means you lose nothing.

Meanwhile, you can select from various dropshipping websites, including Oberlo, AliExpress, Doba, Salehoo, Spocket, etc.

These dropshipping sites allow you to search for the items you want to sell and add to your online Shopify store. Now, when people buy from your store, the item is shipped by the dropshipping site to them while you earn from it.

Requirements for Shopify Cashout

Typically, I list the requirements for any carding and cashout method that I expose.

Below are the requirements for Shopify cashout:


It would help if you had a good browser such as Firefox. Unless you are using your credit card, do not use Chrome if you are using CC.

A browser makes it easy to search the dropshipping site. For example, you can add the items you want to sell on your Shopify store using the AliExpress site. Oberlo will help to add the AliExpress item(s) to your Shopify store for sale.

Oberlo App

Oberlo allows you to add items to your Shopify store and still place orders on AliExpress or any dropshipping site that you use.

You can get the app for free from any app trusted app store.

Note that we have apps similar to Oberlo for adding AliExpress items to your Shopify store, but I use Oberlo for this Shopify cashout tutorial.

Carding VPN

If you are using CC for the dropshipping, get a VPN. I do not use a VPN or any IP hiding service because I use my credit card for dropshipping to clients.

If you use a PC, get RDP instead of a premium VPN. It would help if you also had CCleaner, and you must run the browser on incognito mode.

Shopify Account

Like I mentioned earlier, Shopify has free and premium accounts. For extended features, sign up for the paid Shopify accounts.

You can use the cheapest plan to get the best from this cashout method


Either CC or personal credit card can do the job. If you use CC, you do not spend money when you order for your client’s item, and you also earn from the item delivery.

If you use your credit card, then you have to pay for the item with it, but you will still earn from the item delivery since you are the middleman.

Social Account

You need social accounts for running ads to your Shopify product. Get a Facebook account and create a new page.

If you use CC, you need a fake Facebook account and fake Instagram accounts to create an anonymous ads account.

You can even hack an FB account and use it to run ads to your Shopify store with CC for cashout.

How to Do the Shopify Cashout Method

In this section, I reveal the steps to run the Shopify cashout without getting caught.

Below are the steps regarding the Shopify cashout method:

Create a Shopify Store

The free trial account is OK if you have no money for the startup. I recommend using a premium account to unlock unlimited features. I use the $79 plan to sell to my clients and cashout fast.

The free account lasts for 14 days only, and you can switch to the $29 plan; it is the cheapest.

If you are a beginner carder, read my beginner guide for carders, then use the 14-day trial to learn the Shopify cashout method.

The good thing is that you will regain the money if you know what you are doing. So, don’t rush to purchase the premium plan without mastering how to use Shopify with the free plan.

Download Oberlo and a Browser

After you set up a Shopify account successfully, get the Oberlo app and a browser.

Use the browser to navigate to AliExpress to select the items you want to add to your Shopify store. Now, use Oberlo to add the items to your Shopify store for dropshipping.

Before you add any item, endeavor to research the marketability of the item in the region you want to ship it to. For example, if you are adding jewelry to the Shopify store, be sure that the region you will target when running the ads on social media has enough audience interested in jewelry.

You can rank your Shopify organically on search engines, but it takes between 6 months and 1 year to rank, which is not okay.

Add Items to Shopify

To add dropshipping items to the Shopify store, open the Oberlo app, and click Add To Import List.

Now, the items are moved to the import list of your Oberlo app. Open Shopify, go to apps, and select Oberlo. Now, navigate to the import list and select and click the import list to customize and add the items to your Shopify store.

While customizing the items, add the descriptions, and complete other fields appropriately. Finally, click Import to Store for the selected items to be added to your Shopify store.

Run Ads to Your Item

Now, log in to your social accounts like your Facebook and run ads using the Facebook page. First, you will create a listing URL for your item and publish the URL on your Facebook page. Download the Facebook ad manager and use it to run ads to your Shopify store.

You can also run ads on Instagram or advertise on relevant groups with people that are interested in your item. For example, if you are dropshipping HP laptops, you need to join HP groups to increase the chance of finding buyers.

Fill Orders

I assume that you learned how to fill orders while learning how dropshipping works. If you didn’t, it is not too late.

When you receive an order, open your Oberlo app and click Orders on the left panel. The orders from clients will appear, place an order for the items, and Oberlo will automate the order on your dropshipping site such as AliExpress.


First, set up your Shopify payment account with your details and bank account information within 21 days.

When people buy from your store, you do not have to withdraw if you are using the Shopify payment option. Shopify will send the payout to your bank account directly.

If you use a third-party payment option such as PayPal, look up their payment structure on the site.

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