Virtual Private Network (VPN)



Put simply, a Virtual Private Network, or VPN, is a group of computers (or discrete networks) networked together over a public network — namely, the internet. Businesses use VPNs to connect remote datacenters, and individuals can use VPNs to get access to network resources when they’re not physically on the same LAN (local area network), or as a method for securing and encrypting their communications when they’re using an untrusted public network.

The most important thing you need to know about a VPN: It secures your computer’s internet connection to guarantee that all of the data you’re sending and receiving is encrypted and secured from prying eyes.

Whether the VPNs you’re familiar with are the ones offered by your school or business to help you work or stay connected when you’re traveling or the ones you pay to get you watch your favorite shows in another country as they air, they’re all doing the same thing.

  • HIDE YOUR IP AND LOCATIONVPN allows you to to hide your IP and location.
  • ENCRYPT YOUR COMMUNICATION: Most VPN uses high strength 256-bit encryption to protect your data from prying eyes. Browse freely from Wi-Fi hotspots with the comfort that you can’t be tracked or monitored.


You can finally have some unbiased information to help you decide what is the best VPN for you to have the ultimate privacy online.

  1. ExpressVPN –
    • Overall Rating: 5/5
    • Servers: ExpressVPN provides over 100 VPN server locations in 78 countries
    • Supported Device: Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and Linux. ExpressVPN works with any Internet connection including wired, Wi-Fi, and cellular networks.
    • Company Location: British Virgin Islands
    • Comment: Express VPN has a rich feature including 256-bit encryption, fast and stable connection, and your internet traffic i never logged with them. Their terms also indicate that they don’t share your information with government agencies such as the NSA.
    • Price: $8.32/ month if you subscribe for a year.
  2. IPVanish –
    • Overall Rating: 5/5
    • Servers: IPVanish provides over 500+ VPN server locations in 60+ countries
    • Supported Device: Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Ubuntu, Chomebook and Routers.
    • Company Location: USA
    • Comment: Features including No DCMA Response, No Logs. They claiming that their privacy includes no hackers, no firewalls and no Government.
  3. NordVPN-
    • Overall Rating: 5/5
    • Servers: NordVPN provides over 500+ VPN server locations in 47 countries
    • Supported Device: Windows, Mac OS, iOS, Linux, window mobile, Android and router.
    • Company Location: Panama
    • Comment: NordVPN focus on anonymity by sacrificing some of their speed – double data encryption, DNS Leak Resolver, Strict No Logs + Tor over VPN, automatic Kill Switch and SSL-based 2048-bit encryption . If you are looking for maximum anonymity, NordVPN definitely your choice.
    • Price: $4/ month if you subscribe for a year.
  4. IPVN-
    • Overall Rating: 4/5
    • Servers: IPVN provides over  17 VPN server locations in 10 countries
    • Supported Device: Windows, Mac and Linux.
    • Company Location: Gibraltar
    • Comment: IVPN is a company founded by online security specialists so their servers implement a 256-bit encryption and multihop technology for each of the available options (OpenVPN, PPTP, and L2TP) where available. Also, according to producers, the solution will protect you against any known IP leaks, thus protecting your device, information and privacy.
    • Price: $8.33/ month if you subscribe for a year.

Disclaimer: Our rankings are based on our technical assessment of, and our personal experience, each product.

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