What is BIN Lookup – How does it work

What is BIN Lookup

It is crucial that you have access to a functional BIN list in your area if you want to do a bin search. However, it is impossible for us to know the correct BIN list for every area since it varies widely depending on the specifics of each business. You probably already understood what BIN was, but I’ll explain it again.

BIN (Bank Identification Number)

the first few digits of the card number, which indicate the issuing bank. Usually, this is the first six digits. And the transaction will be completed successfully if you would use a card with a suitable BIN for your area. You should make the right BIN list and I will give you a few tips.

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You should encode it using the MSR in plastic, after that go to small shops or ticket machines and test cards. Going to big stores is a bad idea, it is more perilous. If you will successfully pay – you found the card with an unlocked BIN and SAVE it. Finally, you will have a few BINs that are not regionally locked in your location.

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How Do BIN Work?

An industry identifier is the name given to the first character of the BIN. It is used to specify the issuing company’s industry. For instance, banks and other financial institutions are the owners of cards that begin with a 4 or 5. Similar to this, other numbers are set aside for different sectors, such as the airline, entertainment, and hotel sectors. The card-issuing organization is identified by the final five digits of the BIN.

A BIN aids in tracing the source of a customer’s funds. When a credit card is swiped, the card reader reads the BIN to discover the corresponding account. It then submits a request to withdraw money from the card’s associated account in order to complete the transaction.

The approval process by the card’s issuer only takes a few seconds. Typically, the procedure is mechanized. For instance, the request could occasionally be turned down if the transaction’s amount exceeds the daily withdrawal cap.

The BIN is extremely important because, without it, credit card machines and online payment platforms will not be able to identify the account from which the money needs to be debited, and the transaction will not take place.


Don’t throw away other BINs immediately, you should check them. You should use a checker, for example, Try2. If the checker shows “Transaction Approved”, this means that these BINs are not useless for your actually. But if the checker shows another code, you should test another dump with this BIN and follow the results.

You should understand that the BIN list can change. Any BINs can begin to work in your area, any BINs can stop work. I advise you every time to buy several BINs which you are sure of and several new BINs to test them and replenish your BIN list.

By performing an IIN Lookup you can also identify the financial institution name (issuing bank name) of co-branded cards. Those are cards issued by banks in joint sponsorship with the retail merchants and bin sponsors who issue reloadable prepaid cards and non-reloadable gift cards.

Steps to  BIN Lookup

  1. From the iQ Bar, click the Operations icon and select BIN Lookup from the list of available reports, or from the Operations Navigation bar. The BIN Lookup screen appears.
  2. Enter either the first six digits or the full account number in the search box, and click Search. (Mouse-over the Where do I find the BIN? link to see the illustration of the BIN location.)

    The BIN Lookup with Results screen appears, as shown below.

You call also access BIN information from any Transaction Detail screen or Chargeback Case Detail screen.

  • To access BIN information from a Transaction Detail Screen, click the BIN link in the Summary Data panel.
  • To access the BIN information from the Chargeback Case Detail Screen, click the BIN link in the upper portion of the screen.

The table below describes each of the fields in the BIN Lookup with Results screen.

BIN Lookup Results Field Descriptions



BIN Summary


The BIN of the issuing bank.

Card Usage

The card usage type (either Credit or Debit).

Method of Payment

The method of Payment associated with this BIN (Mastercard or Visa).

Issuing Bank Name

The name of the bank associated with this BIN.


The country code and country where the bank is located.

Last Updated

The date the BIN information was last updated.

Contact Information

Retrieval Contact Information

The name, title, and numbers for the bank staff member responsible for retrieval requests.

Chargeback Contact Information

The name, title, and numbers for the bank staff member responsible for chargebacks.

Issuer Contact Information

The name, title, and main contact numbers for the issuing bank staff member.

Authorization Contact Information

The name, title, and numbers for the bank staff member responsible for authorizations.


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