Using a Huntington Bank Log to Load Cashapp

history-backed verified cashapp account (When buying cashapp account make sure you get email access and routing and account number attached)

Access to the Huntington bank’s email log

Next Steps

Step 1

Use the email you received with the request access code to log into the purchased cashapp account, then enter the code to proceed.

Step 2

Select a bank account and input your account number and routine number to prove your identification.

Obtain the account number and routing number for Cashapp.

Step 3

Login to the bank log and confirm identity using code sent to the email

Step 5

Navigate to Payments click on bill pay and add payee

Step 6

Fill in the cashapp account details (routing number , account number and type checking)

Step 7

Click on pay people/companies add the amount you want to send and confirm payment

Money will reflect on the cashapp account after 2 business days and now you can use it to buy btc.

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